The Queerburgs - Episode 105: "Straight To Bud"

Episode 105: "Straight To Bud" stars David Teitelbaum as Buddy, Danny Garza as Sonny; Janet Hoffman as Moma; Mike Hennessey as Daddy; Armond Anderson-Bell as Frankie Baby, and; introducing Chris Bunn as Mr. Jones. The Queerburgs, Episode #105 and "The Queerburgs Theme Song" is written by Los Angeles based comedian, Mike Hennessey.
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Daddy Queerburg
Mike Hennessey
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Sonny Queerburg
Daniel Garza
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Moma Queerburg
Janet Hoffman
Buddy Garvey
David Teitelbaum
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Frankie Baby
Armond Anderson-Bell
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Mr. Jones
Chris Bunn

The Queerburgs is produced by Hennessey Productions in Los Angeles, California. All Rights Reserved.