The Queerburgs - Episode 102: "F.A.G.S"

Episode 102: "F.A.G.S" stars Danny Garza as Sonny; Janet Hoffman as Moma; Mike Hennessey as Daddy; Shannon MacMillan as Ellen; and Billy Taylor as Bob. Written & Created by Los Angeles based comedian, Mike Hennessey.
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The Cast and Characters of Episode 102

Cast, from left to right: Shannon Macmillan (Ellen), Dora the Pug, Mike Hennessey (Daddy Queerburg),
Daniel Garza (Sonny Queerburg), Janet Hoffman (Moma Queerburg, Billy Taylor (Bob).

Daddy Queerburg
Mike Hennessey
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Sonny Queerburg
Daniel Garza
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Moma Queerburg
Janet Hoffman
Bob, from Rock of Gayges
Billy Taylor
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Ellen, from Rock of Gayges
Shannon MacMillan
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The Queerburgs is produced by Hennessey Productions in Los Angeles, California.